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COSM Chair High Back  Height Adjustable Arms - Glacier

COSM Chair High Back Height Adjustable Arms - Glacier

  • Brand:: Herman Miller
  • Product Code: FLC463SFHDB3DB3DO2B84505
  • Availability: In Stock
  • KD417.000KD

COSM Work Chair , Dipped in Color. 

Ready to Assemble, high back,  standard height range,fixed seat depth, height-adjustable arms.


Auto-Harmonic Tilt: The tilt instantly and automatically provides balanced support and movement, depending on each person's body and posture.
Intercept Suspension:
Breathable and temperature-neutral, the continuous form of this elastomeric suspension eliminates the gap between the seat and back, conforming to each person’s body to provide dynamic spinal support.
Flexible Frame:
The thin but strong frame feels nearly non-existent and offers support while flexing so you can comfortably move your upper body.


Full Color: nightfall
Chassis & Base Finish: Glacier
Casters: +2 1/2 inch  hard floor or carpet  quiet roll technology  glacier
Intercept Suspension Material - Glacier

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